Airbitz - Edge SecurityThe Airbitz edge security platform is a mobile Bitcoin Wallet featuring the highest level of security, top-notch privacy protection and a decentralized approach that makes the platform easy to use and reliable, even in extreme situations, when Airbitz servers go down.


Bitcoin is known to be a decentralized digital currency, meaning that it is held digitally, without anyone controlling it. A Bitcoin wallet is the virtual equivalent of a bank account, a digital portfolio used for handling and safeguarding your bitcoins, as well as for initiating transactions that use Bitcoins and receiving digital money from others.


One of the main principal features that differentiate Bitcoin from conventional currencies is that your Bitcoins are stored in a digital portfolio or a wallet that anyone in the system can see. Your bitcoins are stored at your bitcoin address, but no one will know the address actually belongs to you as a physical person. Even so, you need the highest level of security to be able to safeguard your property, and the Airbitz platform is certainly one of your best options.


There are two types of Bitcoin wallets: software applications that you need to install on your computer or mobile wallets that come with the same features as the software, but offer more flexibility, more versatility and they are easier to use. The Airbitz edge security platform is one of the best mobile wallets available today for a number of reasons:


  • Airbitz is very easy to use – all it requires is a username, a password and PIN for the registration, and the great and friendly application interface is suitable not only for tech-savvy users familiar with all kinds of mobile applications, but for less experienced users as well;


  • The state of the art auto-encryption system coded into the platform will protect you bitcoins and your identity at all times, and they are fully functional even if Airbitz servers fail;


  • The application also protects your privacy with the latest digital tools, making the most of the genius and the creativity of the developers;


  • The Airbitz wallet is a truly decentralized platform, which means that Airbitz does not host the funds owned by the users of the application on its servers, completely eliminating the risks of getting your account broken into;


  • Airbitz uses the one-touch, two-factor authentication system, which means that the authentication is tied to the specific device the user is on and only that specific device. Every time the account is accessed, a one-time token is sent in the background without requiring the user to do anything;


  • Users have the option to access their account from multiple devices with the help of QR codes;



  • The platform is versatile, allowing usage on both iOS and Android-operated devices.


Enhanced transparency, enhanced security in a well-protected environment and easy, intuitive use – these are just a few of the great features that rank the Airbitz edge security platform as one of the best Bitcoin wallets currently available. And it is in continuous evolution, even now, as you are reading these lines!